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Finance & Administration Committee

Finance & Administration (F&A) Committee

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas for meetings will be posted three days before the meeting date. Minutes for F&A meetings will be available on the website when they have been approved at the following F&A meeting. If you are interested in seeing a particular item in the minutes, before they are approved, then please contact the Clerk, who may be able to provide a draft.

NB These meetings are only scheduled as and when required

Agenda F&A 17th April 2019
Minutes F&A 17th April 2019
Agenda F&A 19th June 2019
Minutes F&A 19th June 2019
Agenda F&A 17th July 2019
Minutes F&A 17th July 2019
Agenda F&A 16th Octt 2019
Minutes F&A 16th October 2019
Agenda F&A 16th Oct 2019
Agenda F&A Oct 21st 2020
Minutes F&A Oct 21st 2020