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As well as the list of public footpath below, our Parish is blessed with a number of open spaces within which we can walk; South Oxhey Woods has a number of woodland trails and the playing fields are a lovely mixture of grass and woodland. Possibly the nicest walk takes in the beauty of Hampermill and the lovely lakes and fields nearby. WRPC produced this helpful leaflet showing where. Hampermill circular walk (005)


There are 30 footpaths in South Oxhey, Carpenders Park and Oxhey Hall areas. These range from short distances of 100 metres to longer walks up to 1200 metres. They vary from small paths linking two roads found mostly in Carpenders Park, more varied walks in South Oxhey and farmland, river and lakeside walks in Oxhey Hall area.

These footpaths are the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council for maintenance and development. However, the Parish Council monitor for any problems with damage to fencing, clearing of overgrown shrubs and trees and blockage of all these paths. In partnership between these two Councils, all necessary repairs and clearance is undertaken by Hertfordshire County Council.

Residents are encouraged to use these paths which not only provide good healthy exercise but also have excellent views in many places.


P.F.1.  Hampermill to Sandy Lodge Lane distance: 200 metres.

Starts at left turn down drive towards private Hampermill homes. Turn up slope and walk past back of houses. After 50 metres turn right through gate. Walk along past open field to kissing gate leading to grazing land for horses. Proceed alongside fence to gate which is the end of this path, continue through narrow woodland to Sandy Lodge Lane.

P.F.2. Hampermill to Ebury Way junction distance: 800 metres.

Commences at junction with P.F.1 down access road to Hampermill. Turn right at signpost. Walk down steps to bridge across river Colne. View of Mill house with clocktower and other buildings, all listed. Continue to kissing gate at entrance to farm field. Walk up field keeping to left hand side by hedging. Hampermill Lake can be seen on this part of the path. Eventually the path reaches a farmyard on the left and Brightwells Farmhouse on the right. At entrance to farmhouse turn left up a concreted driveway with the yard on one side and a field on the other side. This leads to two farm cottages. Keep walking until the path finishes at the signposted junction with Ebury Way. Ebury Way, to the left, leads to Rickmansworth and Oxhey to the right over River Colne bridge. Straight ahead leads to Holywell (via Vicarage Road) and eventually to Watford.

P.F.3. Hampermill to junction of Silk Mill Road and Riverside Road distance: 800 metres.

Begins at access road to Oxhey Hall Farm, which is nearly opposite turning into Oaklands Avenue. Proceed along access road and turn right just before converted barns and continue through kissing gate. Keep to the left-hand edge of the large farm field. At the next kissing gate, near the driveway and entrance to the cricket ground, carry on across the bridge over Harts Bourne and straight ahead down tarmac track between the electricity substation and housing until Silk Mill Road and Riverside Road are reached. This is the end of the path.

P.F.4. The Oaks from Green Lane distance 100 metres.

Walk along pavement until signpost for footpath 58 for Watford is reached. Can proceed along this footpath towards Eastbury Road shops.

P.F.5. Green Lane to railway bridge via Anthony Close and Pathway distance 400 metres.

Walk along pavement on left hand side of Anthony Close. Then proceed to the left of green area to the Pathway. Walk toward and over the railway bridge. Path ends at signpost for P.F.6

P.F.6. Watford Heath to Hayling Road via railway arch, Prestwick Road and golf course distance 1200 metres.

From Watford Heath proceed down path with woodland to the left and railway to the right. Eventually turn right under a railway arch. Then walk over Harts Bourne river bridge through woodland until Prestwick Road is reached. After crossing walk through a gap in fencing with a signpost. Turn left and follow path through disused golf course towards Hayling Road where the path ends at a gate before the housing starts (next to a park.)

P.F.7. Green Lane to Prestwick Road alongside Harts Bourne distance: 500 metres.

From Green Lane follow the path through woodland with Harts Bourne to the left and disused golf range to the right. Path ends at junction with P.F.6. near Prestwick Road.

P.F.8. Woodhall Lane to Little Oxhey Lane distance: 700 metres.

Walk on left hand side pavement from Prestwick Road until the right-hand bend before Woodhall School. Then fork left down the path at the rear of the school until the end of the footpath at Little Oxhey Lane.

P.F.9. Little Oxhey Lane to Harrow Boundary distance: 300 metres.

Proceed on path from Little Oxhey Lane with railway embankment to the left and housing and playing fields on the right. Path finishes at gate into field leading to Hatch End.

P.F. 10 Ilkley Road to Heysham Drive across horse field and back behind Heysham Drive houses distance: 400 metres.

Start from high numbers in Ilkley Road (look for signpost) and walk towards horse field, cross the field diagonally turn sharp right at signpost and walk down narrow alley behind houses to Heysham Drive.


P.F. 11. Gosforth Lane to Oxhey Drive through woodland distance: 300 metres.

From Gosforth Lane near Cadet headquarters cross woodland towards Oxhey Drive (used to be a bridleway for Oxhey Place-now demolished.) A new walkway starts at Oxhey Drive end and goes back across woodland.

P.F.12.  Oxhey Lane (near By The Wood) to Hertsmere boundary. Distance: 200 metres.

Starts in Oxhey Lane nearly opposite By The Wood and ends at Hertsmere boundary. Can continue along Hertsmere footpaths to Bushey High Street.

P.F.13. Oxhey Lane (near Carpenders Avenue) to Hertsmere boundary distance: 200 metres.

Starts in Oxhey Lane opposite Carpenders Avenue and goes across field to Hertsmere boundary. Can continue along Hertsmere footpath to Merryhill Road, Bushey.

P.F.14. Oxhey Lane (near Little Oxhey Lane) to Harrow boundary. Distance 400 metres.

From traffic lights in Oxhey Lane opposite Little Oxhey Lane. Walk up track and across field to Harrow boundary on the edge of Grimsdyke golf course. Can continue around left hand edge of golf course to Old Redding, Harrow Weald.

P.F.15. Riverside Road to Silk Mill Road (Eastbury Road end) distance 400 metres.

Where Riverside Road becomes Silk Mill Road, path starts between backs of houses in Silk Mill Road and Waterman Close. It continues to the other end of Silk Mill Road where it meets Eastbury Road.

P.F.16. The Mead to Carpenders Avenue distance: 100 metres.

Path enables public to take short cut from the Mead to Carpenders Avenue.

P.F.17. Delta Gain to Prestwick Road distance: 200 metres.

Path enables public to walk from Carpenders Park to South Oxhey under railway bridge and over Harts Bourne from Delta Gain to Prestwick Road.

P.F.18. Penrose Avenue to Greenfield Avenue distance: 100 metres.

Path enables public to take short cut from Penrose Avenue near Alva Way to Greenfield Avenue bend.

P.F.19. Harrow Way to Compton Place distance: 100 metres.

Path enables public to take short cut from Harrow Way to Compton Place.

P.F.20. Margeholes to On The Hill distance: 100 metres.

Path enables public to take short cut from Margeholes to On The Hill.

P.F.21. Harrow Way to Romilly Drive distance: 100 metres.

Path enables public to take short cut from Harrow Way to Romilly Drive.

P.F.22. Ashridge Drive to Muirfield Road distance: 150 metres.

Path enables public to take short cut from Ashridge Drive to Muirfield Road.

P.F.23. Upper Hitch to By The Wood distance: 100 metres.

Path enables public to take short cut from Upper Hitch to By The Wood.

P.F.24. By The Wood to Courtway distance: 100 metres.

Path enables public to take short cut from By The Wood to The Courtway.

P.F.25. Lower Tail to Upper Tail distance: 200 metres.

Path enables public to take short cut from Lower Tail to Upper Tail.

P.F.25A. Foxleys to playground distance: 50 metres.

Path enables public to take short cut to playground, can continue alongside playground to The Mead.

P.F. 26. Lytham Avenue to Harrow boundary distance: 200 metres.

Path enables the public to take route to join WR10 and reach Harrow boundary. Can continue by taking Harrow footpath to Pinner.

P.F. 27. Hayling Road to Gosforth Lane via Swanston Path distance: 200 metres.

Path enables public to take short cut from Hayling Road to Gosforth Lane.

Opposite the start of this footpath there is access to South Oxhey Playing Fields and the Pavillion about 200 metres.

P.F.29 Gibbs Couch to St. George’s Drive distance: 100 metres.

Path enables public to take short cut from Gibbs Couch to St. George’s Drive and shops.

P.F.30. Delta Gain to Lower Penrose Avenue distance: 100 metres.

Path enables public to take the short cut from Delta Gain near shops to Lower Penrose Avenue (up a flight of steps.)