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Grants Information & How to apply


Who can apply?
Any organisation or group based in the Parish or whose purpose in applying for a grant is primarily for the benefit of the residents of the Parish may apply. The Parish Council does not make grants to individuals.

The organisation or group must provide details of a suitable bank account into which any grant may be paid. The Parish Council may wish to see details of the organisation’s constitution and accounts. The organisation must also provide a detailed budget for the grant project. If funds are being requested from other organisations the Parish Council will wish to see full details of other funding requested and/or granted.

If your group is a new or informal group and you don’t have a constitution please talk to the Clerk about the sort of information the Council will need. Repeat applications from local groups who have already been awarded a Community Grant will be discouraged, but may be considered if:
• The application is for funding for one or more very different projects /activities within the same year

What sorts of grants are given?
The Parish Council gives community grants to help local organisations and groups to improve and enhance the Watford Rural Parish community . The Parish Council must have the statutory power to make a grant for the purpose applied for. Generally speaking the Parish Council must be satisfied that the grant will provide a service or facility which is of direct benefit to the residents of the parish and that the amount of the grant is commensurate with the benefit it will provide to the community. Some examples of grants previously awarded by Watford Rural Parish Council include: funding our local Citizens Advice Bureau so they can continue their fine work helping our residents, funding for our local side Oxhey Jets for equipment and training, funding Carpenders Park Community Hall renovations so we can help provide them another functional building for the community to use. However this is just a list of examples and the Parish Council will consider any idea which could have a positive effect on aspects of the community such as its health, well-being and environment.

How much can we apply for?
The size of any grant made will depend on the amount available in the Parish Council’s budget for each year (currently £12,000) and will take into account the level of any past funding by the Parish Council, the nature of the project and the benefit to the wider community. The Parish Council has not determined maximum and minimum levels of grants but previous grants have varied in size from £50 up to £4000. In cases where capital works are involved, payment of any grant will not be made until the works have been completed to the satisfaction of the Parish Council. In other cases the Parish Council will require written confirmation that you have spent the grant on the items requested within 12 months of the grant being approved.

How to apply?
Application forms are available from:
The Clerk to the Council
Watford Rural Parish Council
Oxhey Drive


It is worth discussing your application in advance with the Clerk or with one of the Parish Councillors.
Applications can be submitted to the Clerk at any time and will be presented to the full Parish Council at the next available meeting. Decisions on grant approval are made by the whole Council. A representative of the organisation making the application may attend the meeting to answer any questions about the application and the grant project and to listen to the decision making process.