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Planning process

Full Council and the Finance & Administration committee look at all planning applications made on property or land within the Parish boundaries.

Members of the public have the right to comment on any planning application either in writing by letter or email (to the Parish Office) or in person, at the relevant planning meeting by registering their intent to do so upon arrival.

Two speakers per application are permitted: one in favour, one against. If a greater number of persons wish to speak on the same application, the Chair will request that only one representative is selected. Each speaker is allowed 3 minutes.

Full Council does not have the power to determine planning applications. It can, however, request that an application is brought before TRDC’s Planning Committee for determination by councillors, rather than being decided by Planning Officers using delegated powers. This process is known as “calling it in”.

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications and has the right to comment on any application within the Parish and larger ones outside which may affect Watford Rural Parish.

Our council encourages and welcomes comments and views from residents on any planning application.