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Public participation

Speaking at Council meetings

Members of the public can only speak on non-confidential items (Part 1 agenda items) appearing on the agenda in accordance with the following rules:

  1. a person’s intention/wish to address the Meeting must be registered on the speaking sheet just prior to the meeting (the Clerk will advise where and how to sign). The first person registering to have precedence in the event of more than one person wishing to speak either for or against the agenda item;
  2. the opportunity to speak is given to one person to speak in support of each agenda item(s) and one person to speak against each agenda item(2), when called to do so by the Chairman;
  3. the speaker will be given no more than three minutes to make representation and will receive no right of reply;
  4. in the event of the person having registered to speak on an agenda item not wishing to take up their right to speak because the agenda item was deferred, that person will automatically be given the right to speak on the agenda item at the next Meeting of the Parish;
  5. The Chairman can exercise his/her discretion to not hear a speaker if, in his/her opinion, the issue/organisation/person concerned has already received an adequate hearing;
  6. If a member of the public interrupts the proceedings at any meeting, the Chairman may, after warning, order that he/she be removed from the meeting and may adjourn the meeting for such a period as is necessary to restore order.